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Gatorade Sports Drinks Core Variety Pack 12 Oz., 28 Pk

Gatorade sports drinks core is a delicious way to keep your energy level up during the day. This 12 oz. Can of core has a great variety of products to choose from. The 28 pk. Of variety pack has all of the products you need to get you started for the day. Be sure to bring some snacks with you to the day - you won't want to miss them!

Free Shipping Gatorade Sports Drinks Core Variety Pack 12 Oz., 28 Pk

This frost variety pack contains 12 gatorade sports drinks, including 28 oz. For $12. You can buy it at any convenience store.
this is a great value! Get them while you still can! The new gatorade sports drinks core variety pack 12 oz. Is a great way to increase your front-of-the-line ability to keep up with your colleagues. Whether you're working out in the gym, out for a hike, or just enjoying a delicious drink from the pool, these drinks are perfect for a quick snack or a long day's work. With 12 oz. Of refreshing water and 26 oz. Of fun flavors, you're sure to have a great time.
this 12 oz. Can of gatorade is filled with a variety of flavors including vanilla, vanilla, strawberry, and more. It is ideal for using up any left over energy from work or playing games, or using as a 150% raccoon style snack.